Advancing Data to Real-Time Signals

& Driving your performance


aisot's vision is to help taking better data-driven trade & investment decisions by providing customers with the most innovative and most accurate predictions for their needs.


For this, aiost has invented the highly scalable AISYCS, the aisot cycle for trade and investement success. With AISYCS, aisot offers subscription-based, customized, reliable & intepretable signals based on state-of-the-art research and technology. On top of that, aisot offers services for automated discovery of trading strategies, and optimal execution.



Our subscription services are based on state-of-the-art research from excellent 
scientists, linked to top addresses in the world.


We focus on fast, efficient and flexible delivery of our customized services. So we can make sure to always be a step ahead.


We design new processes and adopt latest cloud technology to automate and scale our services for best results.


We are reliable in many ways: in the quality of services we offer, as an empowering employer and sincere business partner.


We show an original understanding of complex challenges and markets and offer innovative approaches.


We stand for transparency in our Machine Learning processes, in what our services can deliver as well as our fee structure.


Meet the Team

The founding team of Aisot GmbH consists of three former ETH Zurich colleagues, who contribute their specific knowledge and experiences:

The combination of scientific expertise and entrepreneurial spirit we bring constitutes the foundation of a successful and sustainable business. A strong group of associates & advisors (names will be disclosed here very soon) complement this unique team.

Stefan Klauser

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Co-founder & CEO

Nino Antulov-Fantulin

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Co-founder & Head of Research

Tian Guo

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Co-founder & Machine Learning Advisor


Aisot GmbH
Förrlibuckstrasse 10
CH-8005 Zürich