Next Generation signals beyond sentiments

Real-time data is projected to grow fivefold over the next ten years, accounting for one third of the global data sphere. However, most of this data is currently untapped because it’s real-time, fast changing and unstructured. All the while, market volatility is soaring due to global events (pandemic), social events (wallstreetbets, twitter) and the nature of specific asset classes (digital assets).

aisot offers next generation data analytics, forecasts and portfolio services, allowing hedge funds, traders or asset managers to untap the potential of real-time and structured data. By dynamically combining various real-time datasets, from markets and alternative sources, aisot creates directly actionable signals, bridging the last mile in data-driven decision making. 

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Reducing forecast errors

data signals

aisot signals are developed by a globally leading team of Machine Learning & Quantitative Finance scientists. We reduce forecasting errors by up to 50% while reaching highest levels of reliability. Our directly actionable signals cover clearly defined time horizons and are optimized for your specific goal functions. 

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aisot clients

aisot supports business analysts, data scientists and traders to advance various real-time datasets – from markets and alternative sources – to directly actionable signals beyond sentiments.

Trading & Market Making

Short term trading, ms to days, and market making in crypto, fx, commodities, index trackers etc.

Asset Management 

Optimize your portfolios with aisot signals over multiple asset classes. Including longer term signals for up to 3 months.

Risk Management 

Use our analytics from credit scoring, volatility scenarios and trading range estimates to AML and cybersecurity.

Why aisot?

Easy integration thanks
to Data as a Service (DaaS) & WebSocket



The most comprehensive solution
on the market



Built on research developed by
leading scientists at top universities



Meet the Team

The three founders of Aisot Technologies AG met at ETH Zurich, where they have been involved in various research projects in data science, machine learning, natural language processing and related research subjects. 

The combination of scientific expertise and entrepreneurial spirit we bring constitutes the foundation of a successful and sustainable business. A strong group of associates & advisors, from top professors to businesswomen complement this unique team.

Stefan Klauser
Stefan Klauser
Co-founder & CEO
Nino Antulov-Fantulin
Nino Antulov-Fantulin
Co-founder & Head of Research
Tian Guo
Tian Guo
Co-founder & Machine Learning Advisor
Aaron Scheib
Algo Trading Researcher
Lukas Sieber
Marketing Advisor
Roger Peyer
Head of Data Engineering

aisot advisors

Lisa Sennhauser
Lisa Sennhauser
Experienced senior finance executive with a proven leadership record and a strong growth mindset
fabrizio lillo
Fabrizio Lillo
Full Professor of Mathematical Methods for Economics and Finance at the University of Bologna and at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa
Ce Zhang
Ce Zhang
Assistant Professor in Computer Science at ETH Zurich and a leading scientist in automated machine learning
Petter-Kolm sqswn
Petter Kolm
Professor at NYU Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences and expert on quant finance & financial ML
Natalie Feingold n
Nathalie Feingold
Geneva-based business owner in corporate and data governance and specialist in risk management
Chris Bruppacher
Financial industry expert with extensive business and technology leadership skills
Ivo Ugrina
IT and data analysis leader working for more than two decades on large scale quantitative projects

aisot associates


aisot is committed to work with the best talents. Our associates pool consists of a number of seasoned industry experts and next generation leaders.

Our associates are all members of the aisot associates alliance (aaa) with great networking opportunities, learning events and further benefits. This is the pool aisot will source many of its employees from. Interested in becoming an aisot associate? Contact us!

Irena Barjašić
Associate in Financial Networks
Akito Suzuki
Akito Suzuki
Associate in Financial Affairs
Tiffany K Ellis
Tiffany K Ellis
Associate in Strategy & Analytics
Timo Welti
Associate in Financial ML
Maria Fariola
Maria Fariello
Associate in Quantitative Finance
Jura Ćurić
Jura Ćurić
Associate in Data Engineering
Krunoslav Ivešić
Krunoslav Ivešić
Associate in Data Engineering & ML
Filip 6
Filip Radović
Associate in ML
ETH Spinoff