New ML Engineer joins aisot

The team at aisot is excited to welcome Filip Radović as our newest ML developer.

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Filip is not only a chess fan but he also likes to play poker and mini football. Filip’s ML experience started with an internship at the Zagreb-based company KOIOS. Back then, in 2018, he was completely self-taught, without any academic degree or scientific background. During this internship, Filip developed a passion for fintech and predictive models and he decided to study computer science at the University of Zagreb. In 2019 he finished his Bachelor of Science degree and is about to obtain his masters degree from the same school. His scientific work focuses on predictions of Bitcoin prices, using event-based architectures. As Filip developed a novel approach for solving propaganda detection tasks, Nino Antulov-Fantulin, Co-Founder of aisot, became aware of Filip’s talent and capabilities. Nino acted as Filip’s mentor since early 2020 and recently was able to onboard Filip to aisot’s core team in the role of a ML Engineer. Nino commented: "We’re thrilled to onboard Filip. He showed great scientific and developing skills when building production-ready systems for Volatility Forecasting during his master thesis already."

He joins us with highly developed skills in Python, Pandas, Numpy, Djano, Git and many other languages. 

Filip comes to aisot with a motivation to work in an international group, allowing him to engage with the leading scientists in quant finance, ml and nlp.

A warm welcome to Filip!

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